Requesting sponsorship support from an equestrian company needs careful planning and the correct approach. So, before you consider approaching a company to sponsor you, read my 7 Steps to Securing Your Next Sponsor:

1. Your next Sponsor.

Identify the company that you wish to be sponsored by. This shouldn’t just be a list of well-known brands that you have selected at random. Consider carefully the companies that you could add real value to and why.

2. Do your Research.

What other riders do they support and in what disciplines? Is it likely that they need another rider in that discipline? Or can you fill an area where the company is under-represented? Would you be a good fit for the brand?

3. Use the Product.

You are in a much stronger position to be given sponsorship if you are familiar with the product, recognise the benefits and as result, have had a positive experience. If you are able to, share images in your sponsorship proposal of you using the product.

Most companies receive requests for sponsorship on a daily basis. Be sure to make yours stand out for the right reasons

4. Join the Community.

Follow the company on their social media channels. Over time, be seen to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE their posts. Most companies will recognise you as a loyal customer that has an obvious connection to the brand.

5. Connect with the Company.

Send a personal online product review highlighting your experience of the product. In addition, be seen to recommend the brand to your friends and followers on social media. If relevant make contact and visit the company on event or at a show. If you can spend time chatting to the staff you’ll be likely to make a real connection.

6. Ready to make Contact.

Find out who is the correct person to contact – who is in charge of sponsorship budget? Who makes the decisions? Often it will be someone in the marketing department. Call the company and ask for a personal email address to use.

7. Send your Proposal

Keep your sponsorship proposal concise but clear. Tell your story, share your achievements and be clear on why you are contacting this particular company. Make it personal. State what you are requesting and why. What are you able to offer in return? Be precise here and show examples if you can.

Finally, be sure to include links to your social pages and website if you have one and don’t forget to include your email address and contact telephone number.

Good luck!

Want a review of your proposal?

I would be happy to provide feedback and review your sponsorship proposal before submission.

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