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What’s the difference between an equestrian sponsored rider, an equestrian brand ambassador and an equestrian influencer?

Sponsored Rider

An equestrian sponsored rider is usually a professional rider competing at a high level and well recognised in the equestrian industry for their competition success. They may run their own business with a number of competition horses and have their own yard base and staff.

They are likely to be paid in products but may also receive a financial contribution in return for pre-established sponsorship obligations.

They will have formal sponsorship contract over a set period of time, with clear terms and conditions agreed by both parties.

Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is often an amateur rider with a more informal sponsorship arrangement. They may be given product only in return for social media and blog coverage for the brand.

They may not have any set terms and conditions to adhere to. The relationship is likely to be built on trust and honesty.

An Influencer

An equestrian influencer is someone who has a large social media following and promotes a brand using their social media channels. They may be given product in return for their services but often they receive a financial payment for agreed product promotions and marketing campaigns.

So, as a brand, which type of ‘personal sponsorship’ should you invest in?

My recommendation would be all three. If chosen carefully, each of the rider categories above represent great value and a powerful medium for brand promotion. Each rider opportunity can offer your brand a different customer demographic.

Benefits to a Brand

A professional sponsored rider can provide a brand with a huge variety of opportunities if the relationship is carefully managed and well planned. Plus the longer the relationship, the more impact it will have building brand recognition.

A brand ambassador is likely to work very hard for your brand as they will truly appreciate the free product they receive. In return, your sponsorship will help raise the profile of your brand ambassador and they are likely to be highly active in promoting your brand. You may decide to build a team of brand ambassadors across a range of disciplines. However, this is an area that needs to be carefully managed to ensure success.

A social media influencer offers a wide audience reach and instant impact. Their followers will be loyal and as the name suggests, influenced by what the individual promotes. This type of ‘marketing’ is also easily measurable in terms of return on investment.

If your company needs help with rider management or sourcing sponsored riders, influencers and brand ambassadors, I would love to help. Please get in touch.


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