Equestrian Event Organisers

As a busy event organiser, it can be difficult to find the time to attract new sponsors and work to maintain relationships with your current sponsors.  
We can help:

  • Source new sponsors for your event
  • Manage and maintain current sponsors

Attracting new sponsors can be time-consuming and fruitless unless you come up with a great value proposition for them. Why is your event better than other events that they may invest in?  What are you offering that will allow your sponsors to connect to your audience in a meaningful way?

We will work together with you to come up with an attractive and compelling sponsorship package that’s mutually beneficial for all parties.

Building a long-lasting relationship with your sponsors is invaluable to the success of your event.
Are you delivering on all opportunities for your sponsors? Are you offering opportunities to create an irresistible connection between the sponsor’s brand and your audience?

We will work to ensure your sponsor’s objectives are treated individually and that they are getting the most from the sponsorship opportunity.

PR & Advertising

Keep your sponsors happy by creating and delivering a compelling advertising campaign for your event, before, during and after your event.

Sponsorship Procurement

Bringing sponsors and sponsorship opportunities together. Creating long-lasting valuable relationships for the success of your event.

Sponsorship Activation

Delivering on everything you promised and more!

We will be on hand to deal with any issues as they arise to keep your sponsors happy and connected to your event at all times.

Event Hospitality

Why not host an informal event just for your sponsors to make them feel valued and your event that extra bit special?

At your event or before your event, leave the organising to me and my team.

Successful Sponsorship for your event…

Securing sponsorship for your event is becoming increasingly difficult in current times.

We can work with you to create attractive, compelling sponsorship packages that deliver exactly what you need to secure new sponsors.

And, work together to build meaningful relationships that means you retain your sponsor’s support for years to come.

Get in touch now

If you’re looking to outsource just a small part of your event sponsorship or all of your sponsorship activities, then get in touch with me today and let’s make your event a success!