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We bring over 14 years experience in equestrian sponsorship to help riders, event organisers and businesses get the most from their sponsorship.

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Sponsorship Activation

Delivering your sponsorship activities efficiently and effectively

Rider Management

Keep your sponsors happy and you keep your sponsors!

Sponsorship Procurement

Bringing sponsors and sponsorship opportunities together.

Social Media Management

Ensure you get seen in the big wide world of social media. Daily management of all your social media profiles.

Website Management

For riders, businesses and events – keeping your website content current with all your latest news and results.

Event Sponsorship Management

For brands and event organisers. Pre, post and on-event support to ensure your sponsorship runs smoothly and successfully.

Are you ready to hand over the reins?…

The key to successful sponsorship is planning; setting clear objectives in advance and spending time after the event or arrangement to analyse the return on your investment.

We witness many businesses, riders and equestrian organisations spend hours of their valuable time and money on sponsorship opportunities without getting the results they deserve.

We can work with you to ensure that your sponsorship is successful, memorable, creative, fun and engaging.

Laura is simply the best! We first employed Laura a few years ago to help and advise us on an overhaul our Equestrian Sponsorship, which we had been running for a few years. We felt our programme needed a refresh and we wanted an expert set of eyes and some support to help us update things. Laura was fantastic at this, with her in-depth knowledge of how to manage sponsorship, coming up with so many great ideas and supporting us to make changes to our programme. From there, she began helping us in so many other areas of our business – from PR, to social media and general promotion of our equestrian, wedding and family photography.
Not only is Laura brilliant at what she does, we just love working with her – she’s a creative mind, full of ideas, constructive, and also just great fun to have around.

An amazing PR person and a huge asset to any business, we highly recommend!!

Laura has been a huge support to me in managing my sponsorship commitments, building relationships with my current sponsors and creating new sponsorship opportunities for me.
Using her knowledge and expertise, Laura played a crucial role in the success of my recent Live the Dream Tour – I don’t know how I ever managed without her!

Laura is someone I have known and worked with for years, she clearly knows her stuff and is only interested in the best products. I was first involved with her at Equilibrium Products where she really made things happen and was somebody we all enjoyed working with.

Outsourcing our sponsorship and marketing activities to Laura has enabled us to fully utilise our brand ambassadors and sponsorship commitments helping to raise the profile of our three microfibre store brands. Laura works with real energy and enthusiasm and her friendly approach makes her a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Laura to any equestrian brand.

As CEO of The Urban Equestrian Academy, I can definitely recommend the Equestrian Sponsorship Hub. We have been working with Laura for just over a year now and it’s been an absolute pleasure. I’m so grateful that we have found her services. Being able to work together has enabled us to get equestrian sponsors on board ie. Jump 4 Joy and Champion Safety. 2020 certainly seems to be a year where we are going to be making more strides with more sponsors coming on board as well as investors that we have planned out and long may it continue!

It’s been great to work with The Equestrian Sponsorship Hub over the past few months – the opportunities I’ve received have been amazing and there has always been someone available to ask for help when I’ve needed it. It’s so nice to have been included in everything and be able to stay in touch so easily. I’m really grateful for all their help and support and highly recommend them.

“This is exactly what the equestrian industry has been waiting for! Having been an equine photographer for many years I know how difficult it can be for riders and sponsors to find that happy middle ground where everyone benefits and grows together, Laura has certainly spotted the gap and filled it with talent! If you are looking for someone to clear the fog on the unknown of working with sponsors or riders then Laura is your girl!”

I engaged the services of Laura and The Equestrian Sponsorship Hub to launch a premium equestrian product to the market in 2019. We had 3 months to go from Zero to Olympia Horse Show launch with a microscopic budget.

Equestrian Sponsorship developed our social media presence, guided us through the world of ambassadors and influencers and supported every element of our marketing activities. The first person who arrived at Olympia said “oh wow – I’ve heard about you guys online” and promptly made a purchase. Now that’s conversion!

Laura has a thorough understanding of the equestrian market, how to get your product noticed whilst ensuring your marketing budget is wisely spent. I intend to be working with her for many years to come!

“We worked with Laura for several years when she was Marketing Manager at Equilibrium Products. She was always full of great innovative ideas for optimising their sponsorship at the event and has boundless energy; a pleasure to work with.”

“Laura is a very positive and proactive marketing expert. She is highly knowledgeable about website, social media and sponsorship marketing. She has an easy likeable working style that means that she fits well into any team she is working with – this is a critical skill for an external consultant to have”.

I first started working with Laura in 2013 as a result of winning the Equilibrium Rising Star Award. Laura was incredibly supportive and established many opportunities and relationships for me. She is so professional, helpful, friendly and supportive. I strongly recommend using Laura Cutter’s services and expertise at Equestrian Sponsorship Hub.

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Great sponsorship can transform the way customers think about and engage with your brand.

From individual rider sponsorship and single day events to full championship title sponsorships, I will share my energy, experience and equestrian knowledge to give your campaign the attention it deserves.