equestrian sponsorship

1. Firstly sponsorship is a great way to connect directly with your target audience. It’s a way of supporting the equestrian industry, giving back and showing that you care as a company.

2. Sponsorship is a great way to get your brand seen offline and online. Whilst your fans and followers are active on social media, it’s important not to focus on social media as your sole sales funnel.

3. Not only can it be a struggle to keep up with new content creation without bombarding your followers with products but currently your Facebook content will be seen by around 6% of your followers. That’s 94% of your fans who may not see your content on a regular basis.

4. Whilst digital advertising on 3rd party websites can be a great way to get your message across, it can dilute your brand message. It’s viewed quickly, in seconds not minutes, hours or even days. You can’t guarantee that your digital advert will be seen by everybody.

5. Sponsorship should be seen to complement your digital marketing. Adding sponsorship to your marketing mix gives you the opportunity to share a lot more in-depth content to allow customers to get to know you in detail.

6. Using sponsorship as a marketing tool is all about the quality of getting your brand message across.

7. Event sponsorship allows you to get right in front of your customers and a great way to promote your brand to an audience that you may have not had previously connected with.

8. There is so much activity and content that you can create from having even a small presence, particularly in a niche market like the equestrian industry.

9. I’ve often heard people say that they love having the opportunity to meet a brand in person and spend time getting to know more about the brand. It’s personal and memorable.

10. I see equestrian event sponsorship as a way of handing you new potential customers on a plate. It’s a wonderful way to connect directly to your target audience and fans.

11. However, it’s important not to just put your name to the sponsorship. To make your sponsorship work well, you really need to invest your time into making the most of the opportunity. Create a well-planned, detailed marketing campaign with clear objectives.

12. Sponsorship is a great opportunity to pitch your company up with up other major brands who are sponsoring, building respect and credibility. There’s a reason that successful companies spend much of their marketing budget on sponsoring like Nike, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, and Longines.

13. It’s a great way to get to an audience that you have previously not had any connection with and an ideal growth tool to build customers in a new area.

14. Sponsorship doesn’t have to be large scale..or really expensive. Depending on your products or services local events are a great way to start adding sponsorship to your marketing package. Could be a one-day event or an evening event. Why not sponsor a local talk by your vet. Or get involved with your local riding club.

15. Whatever level of sponsorship you undertake, list your objectives in advance and then plan the sponsorship well to create real value.


Sponsorship in the equestrian industry can be a powerful marketing tool and something you should definitely consider in your marketing strategy..if you haven’t already.

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