equestrian sponsorship

If you’re a company or representing a brand, you may just be thinking about equestrian sponsorship or you may have tried sponsoring events and riders in the past but you’re not sure if they really work for your brand.

So, the next time you consider investing in sponsorship, ask yourself these TEN questions first:

1. Do I really know what I expect to achieve from this sponsorship opportunity?

2. What are my main objectives?

3. Am I taking advantage of every opportunity available to me?

4. Do I know how to maximise every opportunity available?

5. Do I have the resources to make this sponsorship arrangement a success?

6. Can I request some additional benefits to get the maximum value out of this sponsorship arrangement?

7. Does my budget allow for me to maximise all opportunities associated with this sponsorship package

8. Does this sponsorship opportunity directly target my potential customer base?

9. What other brands are associated with this sponsorship?

10. Do I have time to fully analyse my return on investment after the arrangement?

Successful sponsorship takes planning, creativity, and timely activation.

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