Equestrian Brand

There are LOTS of different ways that brands can use equestrian sponsorship and get RESULTS

You just need to think outside the box – and not everything has to cost lots £££

To get you started, here’s 18 ways to use sponsorship and start promoting your brand!

Awards sponsorship
Event sponsorship
Team sponsorship
Individual rider sponsorship
Class sponsorship
Title Championship
Evening Ball or Gala Dinner
Competition Venue or Riding School
Charity Fundraiser
Hospitality area on event
Trot up area on event
Competitor Stables on event
Competition Series
Live Streaming of event
Q&A features
Reader’s Letters page in a magazine
Topical news features in print or online
Regular Page in a magazine, relevant to your brand

Whichever way you choose to spend your sponsorship budget, prior planning is key to ensuring you get the return on investment that you expect.

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