So, you’re considering investing in equestrian sponsorship?

The benefits of equestrian sponsorship are vast but before you agree to sponsor an event, competition series a new equestrian rider, can you be sure that your next sponsorship opportunity will be a success?

Here’s my top tips for any company looking to start investing in equestrian sponsorship:

Don’t be afraid to start small – sponsorship can start with providing prizes at a local show or supporting a local rider

Define your objectives – this could be building brand awareness, creating brand association, increasing sales, growing market share

Set a budget – be realistic, have you budgeted for additional resources and marketing collateral needed to support the sponsorship?

Be prepared to commit long-term – this relates any sponsorship. It takes time to build new relationships

Know your resources – do you have the personnel to support all of the sponsorship opportunities available to you? Consider outsourcing during busy periods

Take advantage of all associated opportunities – not everything has to cost money. Look carefully at all opportunities available and ASK if you have an idea that’s not listed in your package.

Take time to review – assess your sponsorship portfolio regularly to measure the real value of your efforts. Be prepared to make adjustments to ensure that you are getting a good return on your investment.

If you’re looking for a new sponsorship opportunity, struggling to fully implement the sponsorship commitments you already have or need your sponsorship campaigns to work harder for you, get in touch!

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