The Rider: International Dressage Rider, Lara Edwards
The Brand: DriRug – Melise Witkins, DriRug Founder

Great sponsorship partnerships don’t just happen. As part of our series of mini-features on successful sponsorship here’s a little insight into how DriRug and International dressage rider, Lara Edwards’s relationship began and why it works so well!

How long have you been sponsored by DriRug?

Lara: I’ve been sponsored by DriRug for two years this September and it’s been the most impressive piece of our ‘go-to’ yard equipment ever!!

How did the sponsorship come about?

DriRug: I had always known Lara as a rider and followed her progress but I first met her at Burghley three years ago when she came onto our stand and bought a rug and really liked it. We kept in touch but it was while later that we talked about sponsorship. I knew she had a good number of horses herself and she would be great person to promote the brand.

Lara: I was really interested in the technology behind the drying process of the rugs. I’ve always been one for not tying a horse up after it’s been worked. If you put the horse back in its stable then you have to try and get all the bits off a fleece which let’s face it is a complete nightmare!

So I spoke to Melise at DriRug and asked if she would be interested in working together as I know a lot of my clients would also be interested and it happened from there really.

Why does the sponsorship arrangement work well for you?

DriRug: Lara is a great ambassador for our brand. She is well respected rider with a loyal following and a wide client base. She never misses an opportunity to promote DriRug and is always happy to accommodate any requests we have. Successful sponsorship is about building relationships and we have a great relationship with Lara.

Lara: Promoting a product that I use every single day and couldn’t manage without myself is really easy to tell others about; to be honest the rug sells itself as it’s that good!

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