If you haven’t yet quantified the return on your sponsorship investment, now is the time.

Writing this in April 2020, all physical equestrian events have been cancelled due to the global Coronavirus outbreak. It’s likely that all of your marketing activities including any sponsorship that you have committed planned or committed to around an event will not be happening right now.

So, at a time when your marketing plans may have been tipped upside down and the remainder of the equestrian season is unknown, now is the ideal time to redefine your sponsorship strategy and take a closer look at your return on past investments.

Do you truly know how well your sponsorship been working for you? Would you know where you might be wasting money on sponsorship?

Spending time exploring every aspect of past and future sponsorship activities and analysing your return on investment now will help you to decide exactly where to invest your sponsorship budget in the future.

It’s time to cut the Dead-Wood

Firstly, every detail of your sponsorship needs to be accounted for – that’s even down to the free prizes or donations that you give away on a regular basis. The local shows or last-minute reduced-price sponsorship opportunities AND your sponsored riders – they all cost you money.

Use this time to go into as much detail as you can.

• Explore the financial cost of each sponsorship activity
• Segregate the activities by equestrian discipline
• List each sponsorship activity individually
• How did you effectively connect to your audience?
• Did the sponsorship package deliver on its promises?
• Did the sponsorship activity meet your planned objectives?

If like many brands your objectives were not clearly defined from the outset, it’s fine to work backwards here. Use this time to assess and reflect on exactly what was achieved from each sponsorship activity – you may be surprised with the results.

It’s then and only then can you start planning your future sponsorship strategy.

To help you get started, I’ve put together a FREE Sponsorship Review template to help you analyse your sponsorship investments and plan future sponsorship the smart way, based on facts!


If you need further help to review and plan your sponsorship strategy please get in touch.

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  1. Charlene
    Charlene says:

    Hello, I came across your Instagram feed. Enjoying browsing & reading some of your posts. I’m interested in receiving your free sponsorship review template. Looking forward to checking it out. Thank you! Sincerely, Charlene 🐎


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