There is a basic marketing principle that defines a consumer having 7 ‘touchpoints’ to a brand before engagement. However, with the rise of digital marketing and an abundance of ways we can receive a message across all of our devices and platforms, this number may now be more like 13!

So, as a business, how do you incorporate these ‘touchpoints’ into your marketing strategy?

You may need to plan:

1. Digital advertising
2. Print advertising
3. Website content
4. Logo placement
5. Social media engagement
6. Large scale branding on event
7. Trade stand space at shows
8. Live Stream advertising
9. Video Content
10. Podcast product placements
11. Brand Ambassador marketing
12. Customer testimonials
13. E-newsletters
14. Editorial coverage
15. Online market places

Or you could consider EQUESTRIAN SPONSORSHIP and cover most of the areas above in ONE smart package!

Sponsorship is the most immediate way to get your brand seen in front of an audience. It offers a variety of mediums to promote your brand making it one of the most cost effective ways to achieve your business objectives.

The consumer decision journey looks like this:

Awareness ➡ Familiarity ➡ Consideration ➡ Purchase ➡ Loyalty

Recent research has shown that businesses need to find new ways to get their brands included in the initial-consideration point that consumers develop as they begin their decision journey.
In addition, your marketing communication needs to be two-way and much more of a conversation to satisfy consumer demand and sponsorship can conveniently address these points.

Equestrian Sponsorship comes in many formats and can offer a variety of opportunities for you to promote your business to your target audience. Even for a small business owner, entry level sponsorship can prove highly successful if it’s managed well.

Whilst 2020 has seen most equestrian events cancelled, smart event planners and the main equestrian bodies are offering flexible sponsorship that include a multi-layered package of print and digital advertising, virtual shopping experiences, live streaming and social media promotions.

If you’re a business thinking of planning your sponsorship portfolio for 2021,GET IN TOUCH