Equestrian Rider Sponsorship Workbook

*NEW* Equestrian Rider Sponsorship Workbook

Are you an enthusiastic equestrian rider working hard to promote your personal brand but struggling to find sponsors? With an ever increasing talent-pool of riders for companies to choose from, how do you make yourself stand out from the…
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The Ultimate Guide to Equestrian Rider Sponsorship 2022

So you’re planning on asking an equestrian company to sponsor you. You know that you have a lot to offer the right company but how do you ensure that your sponsorship request is successful? Step One: The first step is to set aside the time…
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Sponsored Rider, Brand Ambassador or Influencer. Understanding the difference.

What's the difference between an equestrian sponsored rider, an equestrian brand ambassador and an equestrian influencer? Sponsored Rider An equestrian sponsored rider is usually a professional rider competing at a high level and well…