Sponsors Logos – Understanding the Rules 2020


If you’re an equestrian rider competing in affiliated competitions and you want to promote your sponsor by wearing their logo, be sure to check your rule books first!


If you’re a business with riders wearing your logo it’s important to understand each organisation’s rules on displaying logos on rider’s equipment and clothing.

Sponsor’s Logo Regulations 2020

In British Eventing, company sponsors must buy a Company Supporter Membership and have had their logo approved by BE in advance. Currently this costs around £25 per year and can be bought from https://www.britisheventing.com/register.

Once you have your membership, your logo will need to be approved by emailing marketing@britisheventing.com.

The current logo sizing restrictions for each of the main equestrian organisations are:


Dressage Phase

Rider clothing
• On each side of shirt collars but the logo must be no larger than 16cm²
• On each side of jacket or top garment at the height of the breast pockets but no larger than 80cm²

• Fly veil/ear covers no larger than 75cm²
• On each side of saddlecloth no larger than 200cm²

Showjumping Phase

The same regulations as Dressage but with the addition of
• Approved logo no longer than 25cm or 5cm positioned on the rider’s helmet.
• Approved logo no longer than 20cm or wider than 5cm on the left side of the rider’s breeches.

Cross Country Phase

No restrictions apply to the displaying of logos in the Cross Country phase as long as the logo has been approved by BE and the company has a Supporter (Company) Membership or Corporate Membership.
Note: BE does follow the FEI rules but it’s wise to check with the FEI if you are competing internationally.



During competition sponsor’s logos may be placed on each side of the saddlecloth no larger than 200cm².
Logos may appear on rider’s jackets level with the breast pocket but no larger than 80cm²
Manufacturers labels may only appear once per item on clothing or equipment, no larger than 3cm².


On each of two sides of jackets or top garments at breast height, no larger than 80cm²
On each side of shirt collars or centred in the middle of ladies blouses no larger than 16cm²



British Showjumping rules state that on new style jackets, up to three sponsor logos can appear on the right hand sleeve, all three to be contained within a space of 14x6cm and one sponsor logo on the breast pocket (approximately 3x4cm).


While present in the competition arena and during the prize-giving ceremonies the name and/or logo of the individual’s sponsor(s) may appear on a surface area not exceeding:
– 200cm² on each side of the saddle cloth.
– 8x6cm only once on jackets or top garments at the height of breast pocket. – 3cm in height and 5.5cm in width on shirt collars.
– No longer than 25cm vertically and 5cm wide on hard hats.

Finally, for international competitors representing Great Britain, who qualify to wear and display the union flag it’s important to check with your relevant organisation for any additional regulations that may apply.

Full details can be found in each of the main equestrian organisations Rule Books:

British Eventing
British Dressage
British Showjumping