The Rider: Tina Wallace, ‘ Life on the Left Rein’

The Brand: Woof Wear, Ali Felton, Sales Director

Better known as ‘Life on Left Rein’ from her social media pages, Instagram queen and Vlogger, Tina Wallace, has built a successful sponsorship partnership with leading equestrian brand, Woof Wear. With both rider and business based in Cornwall, it seems like the perfect match!

How long has the sponsorship arrangement been running?

Tina: Our brand relationships started in 2016, so around four years now.

How did your sponsorship relationship happen?

Woof Wear: I first met Tina through Riding Club stuff but got to know each other better as I very nearly bought the lovely Banksy before she did! Luckily for Tina I was looking at another horse the same weekend and decided that that one was the more sensible purchase for me as he was more experienced than Banksy.

Tina: I knew Ali through the local Riding Club but the relationship with Woof Wear began in 2016 and it’s grown massively from there.

I began using Woofwear when my old jumping boots kept slipping so I started using the Smart Tendon and Fetlock boots and the event gloves and really liked them.

The sponsorship arrangement started after I had been trying a few products for them and raving about them on Facebook because I liked them and they worked well for Banksy.

In 2017 as my following grew they asked me if I would be in their photoshoot for the launch of their new colour fusion range with all the matchy-matchy saddle pads, boots, base layers and silks. That was fab as I got so many lovely photos from that.

It was after that we agreed a more formal relationship and it’s been truly amazing to have their support.

How/why does the sponsorship arrangement work well for you?

Woof Wear: It’s honestly brilliant. We like Tina tremendously as a person and her and hubby Rob, are friends of ours too. Tina is so easy to work with and so keen to make good, genuine content that her followers enjoy, yet always mindful of ensuring our products get good exposure.

Most importantly though, and the main reason why we work with her and why she is so popular – is that she is so genuine. If she doesn’t like a product or feels it’s not working for her, she will say so and that’s good for us and her followers as its always honest and constructive feedback.

Tina: Firstly I really like the fact that I’m supporting a Cornish brand and a friends brand too. It’s a brand that I can easily rave about as I genuinely love the products.

Their brand slogan, Protection by Design sums up exactly why the products work well for me. Importantly, Woof Wear boots help to protect and look after my ponies precious legs!

I think most people think of boots when it comes to Woof Wear but over the years as the company has grown, their product range has grown too, including things like head collars and base layers, and their medical hoof boot which has been really useful for me when Banksy has ever lost a shoe.

It’s fab working with Woof Wear because they also work with some amazing professional riders too, like Kitty King. It’s lovely that they support both amateur riders and professionals. They are able to get the insights from the professionals, like the event gloves which are the best gloves that I’ve ever worn which is down to the fact that Kitty helped design them.

Finally, Ali and John are only two miles down the road from me which is incredibly handy if I need something dropped off if I’ve lost it the night before a show! Or better still, I pop round there, pick up the product and stay for a glass of wine! It’s a definite win-win for me! I say that’s the best kind of brand relationship – why can’t they all be like that!!?

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