Rider Sponsorship Review and Support Packages

Build your personal and professional brand profile to attract new sponsors and ensure that you are offering great value to your current sponsors with my Sponsorship Review and Support Packages

With packages to suit every rider!

I share my years of experience and professional contacts in the equestrian industry, working with you to build your personal and professional brand profile to:

◦ Offer maximum value to your current sponsors and owners

◦ Attract new sponsors and supporters

◦ Create new opportunities to promote your business

◦ Provide you with the tools needed to effectively promote your personal brand

◦ Ensure that you are getting the best value from each sponsorship arrangement

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Sponsorship Support Packages for Equestrian Riders

Sponsorship Review and Support – Basic Package from £99

Sponsorship Review and Support – Professional Package from £495

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Support Package includes


Conduct a comprehensive review of your current sponsorship portfolio


Make observations and recommendations to improve your current sponsorship arrangements


Create a detailed brand profile and sponsorship proposal for new sponsors.


Source opportunities to connect to new sponsors


Negotiate, agree or update sponsorship terms and arrangements


Create an easy to manage process to maintain communications with sponsors, clients and owners

Next Steps

So if you’re ready to build a professional brand profile to create more opportunities and attract more sponsors, ask me how!