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7 Steps to Securing Your Next Sponsor

Requesting sponsorship support from an equestrian company needs careful planning and the correct approach. So, before you consider approaching a company to sponsor you, read my 7 Steps to Securing Your Next Sponsor: 1. Your next Sponsor. Identify the company that you wish to be sponsored by. This shouldn’t just be a list of well-known […]

How to keep your sponsors happy on social media

Sponsored Rider Guidelines for Social Media Quite simply put… to keep your sponsors happy, keep posting your regular content that’s attractive and engaging across all your social media channels, but most of all be you! These days, access to your social media is a big part of what you can offer sponsors in return for […]

15 reasons equestrian sponsorship can work for your brand

1. Firstly sponsorship is a great way to connect directly with your target audience. It’s a way of supporting the equestrian industry, giving back and showing that you care as a company. 2. Sponsorship is a great way to get your brand seen offline and online. Whilst your fans and followers are active on social […]

High value – low cost ways to maximise your event sponsorship

You’ve invested in a new sponsorship arrangement and hopefully agreed a nice package of opportunities but how can you maximise these opportunities and be sure to get the most of your sponsorship without adding more money?   I’m sharing some low-cost creative ways to maximise your event sponsorship. Firstly, in this digital age, you should […]

Considering equestrian event sponsorship? Here’s why you should..

If you’re considering adding sponsorship into your marketing strategy, equestrian event sponsorship can offer great flexibility, immediate brand exposure and great value for money. Here’s why event sponsorship can work for you: Sponsorship can raise awareness of your company or brand and educate a new audience It offers an opportunity to personally engage with your target […]