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Sponsorship Success Stories – James Sommerville and Gain Equine Nutrition

The Rider: James Sommerville – International Event Rider The Brand: Gain Equine Nutrition – Anne Priestman, National Sales Manager UK, France & Morocco James and Gain Equine Nutrition kick of this series of Successful Sponsorship Stories. The aim of this series is to share an insight into what a good sponsorship arrangement looks like and […]

10 minutes with Tyler Cassells – GB International Event Rider

Talking equestrian sponsorship with Tyler Cassells I recently caught up with professional event rider, Tyler Cassells, to chat all things equestrian sponsorship; how to find a sponsor, understanding the value of sponsorship and his secret to maintaining good relationships with his sponsors. Probably one of the nicest guys on the eventing circuit, I first met […]

My pick of the best accounts to follow during Lockdown

Motivation, inspiration, offers, advice, and wellbeing. Here’s my pick of some of the best equestrian accounts to follow during Lockdown, plus a couple more of my personal favourites! Who are your favourite accounts to follow? The Brand DriRug is a revolutionary product with an impressive bunch of brand advocates. You’ll wonder how you ever lived […]


*NEW* Equestrian Rider Sponsorship Workbook

Are you an enthusiastic equestrian rider working hard to promote your personal brand but struggling to find sponsors? With an ever increasing talent-pool of riders for companies to choose from, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd and show your worth as a sponsored rider? My NEW Equestrian Rider Sponsorship Workbook is […]

Is your Sponsorship Strategy Losing you Money?

If you haven’t yet quantified the return on your sponsorship investment, now is the time. Writing this in April 2020, all physical equestrian events have been cancelled due to the global Coronavirus outbreak. It’s likely that all of your marketing activities including any sponsorship that you have committed planned or committed to around an event […]

Avoid the TOP 5 Equestrian Sponsorship mistakes

Avoid making these 5 costly mistakes BEFORE committing to your next sponsorship opportunity. Don’t instantly react to last-minute opportunities As a brand you may be offered a fantastic opportunity at a reduced rate, which looks too good to miss. This may be the case however, it’s imperative that you take time to consider whether this […]

The Ultimate Guide to Equestrian Rider Sponsorship 2020

So you’re planning on asking an equestrian company to sponsor you. You know that you have a lot to offer the right company but how do you ensure that your sponsorship request is successful? Step One: The first step is to set aside the time to plan your application in advance. Identify the company or […]

Want to step up your sponsorship? You need to read this first

So, you’re considering investing in equestrian sponsorship? The benefits of equestrian sponsorship are vast but before you agree to sponsor an event, competition series a new equestrian rider, can you be sure that your next sponsorship opportunity will be a success? Here’s my top tips for any company looking to start investing in equestrian sponsorship: […]

Sponsored Rider, Brand Ambassador or Influencer. Understanding the difference.

What’s the difference between an equestrian sponsored rider, an equestrian brand ambassador and an equestrian influencer? Sponsored Rider An equestrian sponsored rider is usually a professional rider competing at a high level and well recognised in the equestrian industry for their competition success. They may run their own business with a number of competition horses […]